How To Find Good Clothes In Charity Shops

It's been a while since I've written a blog post, so hello again! I've been doing a lot of charity shopping recently, I've always done it here and there to find things for myself but now it has almost become a hobby of mine! Whilst in America, I went to dozens of thrift shops, picked up a few gems there (including some I.AM.GIA trousers for $6 - which I quite happily sold on my Depop for £50!) Whenever I tell people that I found an item of clothing in a charity shop, the usual responses are: "I look and never find anything." "How do you manage to find such good stuff?" "I would never think to look in a charity shop, isn't it just grandma's clothing?" 
So for all of you clueless shoppers, I'm gonna give you my deepest, darkest charity shopping tips all compressed into one blog post, and maybe you can find some gems too!!

Film Disposables #1

Disposable cameras have quickly become one of my favourite ways to document memories and everyday events. There is something really special about how you cannot see what you are taking and it is your future self that receives the result. It takes away the moment of going back to look at the photo as you would on a phone, getting the right angles or making sure everyone looks good. With disposable cameras and film, that entire 10 mins of taking photos are taken away from your moment, replaced with time actually having fun, rather than trying to convince everyone on social media just that. What I love about this spontaneous contraption is that you spend less time documenting the moment and more time enjoying the moment. Yes, 9 times out of 10 you don't look good in the photo, but 9 times out of 10 you don't look that good in real life. Having the 1 shot being the only photograph captures a more candid and natural image of whatever you are doing. This is my 4th disposable camera…

Find Your Creative Side

Many people think that being creative is something that only a few are blessed with. I am here to tell you they are wrong, and that anyone can be creative, you just need to find the correct outlet for it, in order for you to actually see your creativity shine through. Art has always been stereotyped as drawings, paintings, sculptures. The kind of thing you would typically find in a gallery. I think that this is correct to a certain degree. This stereotype over what 'art' can be defined as has caused many potential creatives to shy away from it. You may be asking, so how can I present my creative self without picking up a pencil and sketching the nearest object? Well have you ever considered presenting art through your hobbies? Or through the clothing you wear every day, or through your social media, or even through your school notes? Creativity could simply be the selection of coloured pens you choose to write with when writing up school notes. It may not feel very creative, bu…

Always Validate Yourself

Is there a certain way you can go about your life? A specific method to success? A formula for fame? Absolutely not. If there was such a thing, there wouldn't be such thing as being famous. Success would be a normality and nobody would feel validation from being more talented than everyone else. The fame feeling isn't just "wow! Everybody knows my name." The fame feeling is that of "wow! I worked hard and I am receiving the validation from that through fame!"

But is fame really what everyone wants? For some it will be. It might not be the desire of every person in every household, purely because the majority of the population wants and needs their privacy. The fame that these people live for is the personal successes, the feeling that doesn't have to be shared with the world but it still keeps them motivated, happy, content.

It's something I think more people need to consider. Do they crave the fame and validation of others? Or do they crave valida…

You Are Entirely Up To You

“You are entirely up to you.” Although I didn’t write that quote, I feel like there is such a deeper meaning to it. At a first glance, anyone who reads it will realise that they have the power to change the way they live their life with simply a small change of mindset or change of environment.
Many people seem to follow the path of believing that good things will come to them naturally. I was once a believer myself, but there is a much more logical way of receiving what you want and that is to work for it. It's quite funny really, because that very quote inspired me to be here right now.

I stopped scrolling through Pinterest aimlessly, imagining and creating a dream life in my head. I picked up my laptop and began to write about how making a simple decision such as stopping time wasting and starting to work towards the projects you want to complete can instantly add an extra step closer to that dream life you originally wasted time thinking about. What's the use in thinking ab…