Zero Waste Shaving - Why Safety Razors Aren't That Scary

Zero waste personal care has been the top of my consumer priorities recently. I've become aware of the amount of plastic in my daily hygiene routine and it concerned me so much that I have decided to make changes. As a student, I've been shamelessly using an old blunt razor to shave this past term (simply because I don't want to buy a new pack of plastic razors, when I could be spending that money on food.) Also, I'd been informed of plastic razors difficulty in being recycled, so I didn't want to buy them knowing they will just be sent to landfill.

After doing some research into zero waste shaving options, I ordered a safety razor online for only £15 and began my new chapter in plastic-free shaving (you can also buy them in local zero waste shops). A while ago I watched a video by one of my favourite low-impact lifestyle YouTubers Sedona Christina about using a safety razor everywhereand I was inspired to make the switch myself.

I guess some myths surrounding safe…

Interrailing Travel Diary: Ljubliana, Lake Bled, Vienna and Budapest

Whilst planning our holiday for this Summer, Anna and I really struggled to think of one place to visit. We had considered interrailing, but also had to factor in a lower budget, alongside wanting to feel slightly more relaxed than the constant go interrailing would involve. However, at the same time we wanted to experience staying in hostels to save money and also just do something a bit out of our comfort zone. Going on a party holiday wasn't what we wanted to spend our savings on, so we wrote a list of potential activities and types of places we'd want to go - lakes, mountains but also cities and outdoorsy sports like paddle boarding, and eventually came to the conclusion of a mini-interrailing-without-an-interrail-pass holiday, starting in Ljubliana, Slovenia and finishing in Budapest, Hungary.

The places we wanted to visit were further away than a train journey seemed necessary, and we didn't intend to spend the whole holiday sat on trains feeling exhausted. Therefore…

Film Disposables #2

This disposable camera post is long overdue, but I still feel like posting it. There is something very special to me about film photography - it feels more nostalgic and representative of the memory in my head. One picture to capture one moment, rather than 30 of the same thing. Using a disposable camera creates a realistic version of a memory, rather than an overly posed or fine tuned version. In this way, they represent reality. They aren't really in order to be honest, but that doesn't matter as they are all individual snippets of moments. Although these photos may have no personal significance to you, I hope you enjoy looking through them. If you are featured in these photos, I love U xx