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Live Music - It's What The Kids Want

Music is such an important part to my life. Whether it be listening through my earphones on the way to school, blasted out loud in my bedroom or at a live venue surrounded by hundreds of other music lovers, it has a way of getting to me inside that I cannot describe.


Recently I read a great article in The Sunday Times Magazine about millennials and the changing social-normalities of our society. I wouldn't class as a millennial myself, Generation Y (those born late 80s-mid 90s) is just before my own. However the issues this article references to are soon approaching the people, like myself in Generation Z. Though generation Z is the current youths and teenagers that roam our streets today, those born at the dawn of this 'deadly' cohort are quickly approaching adulthood. Which brings me to discuss a few of the concerns mentioned in the article. A quote which stands out from Alix ONeill's section is: A game-changing factor for millennial women's happiness is social media. For women who feel economically sidelined, experiences have become the new bricks and mortar. They're clean eating, Ubering and Airbnbing, and Instagramming all of it to prove they are doing just fine. Modern-day status symbols (which have beco