Live Music - It's What The Kids Want

Music is such an important part to my life. Whether it be listening through my earphones on the way to school, blasted out loud in my bedroom or at a live venue surrounded by hundreds of other music lovers, it has a way of getting to me inside that I cannot describe.

I love learning the lyrics to songs, I love yelling the lyrics at the top of my lungs, I love showing people how many of the lyrics I know, I love understanding the lyrics and interpreting them into my own personal situations, I love lyrics to songs, but that doesn't just mean that a song needs lyrics to be beautiful.

There is something about the different melodies and dramatic bass drops that really mesmerises me. I admire anyone who can create any magnificent piece of music, if you have been blessed with this skill, do not waste it! Make sure that you use your skill to it's full potential. That doesn't mean you have to make money from it, you could simply write a song for someone you love, or to send a message to the general public.

Music is poetry with a backing track. Musicians are poets, with a knack for adding perfectly synced sounds over the top of stunning words. 

Live music is another topic, another level, it deserves another place on the shelf. There are no words to explain the feeling that I get while being in a music venue, listening to the music that makes me happy, surrounded by the people who completely and utterly love the sound. Nothing but emotion is shown at a concert. Even if it is angry emotions, the emotion is let out. If I ever needed to release and de-stress, a concert will always be my go-to. You can just let go of everything going on outside of the venue and just focus on the music for what it is

I am not quite sure what this post is, maybe it is just an appreciation for the music that exists and will exist on our planet. I am not even sure what this blog is. I guess it can be an output to my thoughts, if anyone wants to read them, that is not up to me. I just enjoy typing things out really quickly and emptying my thoughts out in this way might help me to clear my head a bit.


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