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You Are Entirely Up To You

Art by Ella Jones (myself) “You are entirely up to you.” Although I didn’t write that quote, I feel like there is such a deeper meaning to it. At a first glance, anyone who reads it will realise that they have the power to change the way they live their life with simply a small change of mindset or change of environment. Many people seem to follow the path of believing that good things will come to them naturally. I was once a believer myself, but there is a much more logical way of receiving what you want and that is to work for it. It's quite funny really, because that very quote inspired me to be here right now. I stopped scrolling through Pinterest aimlessly, imagining and creating a dream life in my head. I picked up my laptop and began to write about how making a simple decision such as stopping time wasting and starting to work towards the projects you want to complete can instantly add an extra step closer to that dream life you originally wasted time thinki