You Are Entirely Up To You

Art by Ella Jones (myself)

“You are entirely up to you.” Although I didn’t write that quote, I feel like there is such a deeper meaning to it. At a first glance, anyone who reads it will realise that they have the power to change the way they live their life with simply a small change of mindset or change of environment.

Many people seem to follow the path of believing that good things will come to them naturally. I was once a believer myself, but there is a much more logical way of receiving what you want and that is to work for it. It's quite funny really, because that very quote inspired me to be here right now.

I stopped scrolling through Pinterest aimlessly, imagining and creating a dream life in my head. I picked up my laptop and began to write about how making a simple decision such as stopping time wasting and starting to work towards the projects you want to complete can instantly add an extra step closer to that dream life you originally wasted time thinking about. What's the use in thinking about what you want to be doing when you could just be doing the things you want to be doing? It's okay to brainstorm ideas and proceed with your ideas straight away, but thinking of ideas and never pursuing them? They get lost in the endless list on uncompleted goals.

Sometimes scrolling through social media feels productive and inspiring. However if you look back on the hours you spent liking pictures and tweets, you were simply watching and admiring what everyone else did that day. Observing other people's lives from across the Internet does not bring you any closer to your goals.

The consistent consumption of media, whether it be watching YouTube videos, watching TV, reading social media posts, can limit the potential of original content when creating your own projects. It becomes a habit to be so inspired by a picture that you copy or mimic it. Although it might feel creative it's just you imitating what you read to be successful online. As Emma Mercury mentioned in this video made by Stella Rae, what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you, so what's the point in copying someone else's success path?

It's not to say that consuming media is bad, but there is consuming media as a time-wasting task and consuming media as a source of inspiration for your own original work. The choices you make to reach the goals you wish to achieve are all down to the way you persistently continue to be creative. Adding a new type of content to the Internet instead of adding to the same stream of similar content that I'm sure most people are bored of reading by now.

Making your mark on the world shouldn't be something that Miss Famous already created. It should be something that speaks your mind, something that really backs up what you believe in, your opinions and views not the opinions and views of the article you read on another blog.

The problem you might be facing is well, what is my opinion on the subject? Think about where your opinions stem from, do you like the origin of your views? If someone questioned you on the views you created and where you learnt about them, would you be supportive and happy to explain the story? Taking yourself away from the opinions of others, taking a break from media consumption and focusing on creating can help you find your voice.

You are entirely up to you, your opinions can be whatever they want to be, it's your choice. It is the way you choose to express yourself that allows you to leave your mark. Do you have that bad opinion on a person because of what someone else said? You treat someone differently because of a rumour you once heard, it says more about you than the person themselves.

Keep the mindset of achievement, positivity, motivation and kindness. Of course who I am I to tell you how to live your life, for all you want, go around surrounded by a negative bubble. Though what impact will that have on your aspirations? Negative mind, negative life.

You are entirely up to you, so stop allowing the media to determine your idea of personal perfection. What someone else thinks about the place you live in, the body you walk around in, shouldn't affect your personal views on yourself. It has become to easy to judge others and ourselves based from societal norms. The ideas and opinions of a manipulated society, choosing the way you view yourself? When you really think about it, it's ridiculous. How can millions of people all follow the same idea of perfect?

Besides, the way you view yourself won't affect anyone else, it only controls the way you feel. If the opinion is negative, it damages your confidence. If the opinion is positive, it boosts your confidence and makes you feel like you have the power to change whatever you want in your life. Which of course you can, why choose a negative opinion on yourself when you could think positively and increase your chance of goal achievement?

You are entirely up to you, don't let anyone decide who you are for you.

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