Always Validate Yourself

Is there a certain way you can go about your life? A specific method to success? A formula for fame? Absolutely not. If there was such a thing, there wouldn't be such thing as being famous. Success would be a normality and nobody would feel validation from being more talented than everyone else. The fame feeling isn't just "wow! Everybody knows my name." The fame feeling is that of "wow! I worked hard and I am receiving the validation from that through fame!"

But is fame really what everyone wants? For some it will be. It might not be the desire of every person in every household, purely because the majority of the population wants and needs their privacy. The fame that these people live for is the personal successes, the feeling that doesn't have to be shared with the world but it still keeps them motivated, happy, content.

It's something I think more people need to consider. Do they crave the fame and validation of others? Or do they crave validation of themselves? When will you reach the point in your life where you have validated and accepted your success? Most people's validation is never-ending, after they complete one goal, they move onto the next, to the next, to the next. They are always holding out a yard-stick in front of them and aiming for the next big thing.

Although this seems like a good idea for a while, it will reach a point where you will look back and wonder what you ever achieved. If you don't celebrate the mini-milestones your past will only ever be a progression of your distant future success that you are unsure will even happen yet. Of course you can dream, you can hope, but not giving yourself time to be happy for yourself will only leave you feeling like a failure.

You complete your to-do list, then only go on to write more tasks? It will make you feel constantly loaded with pressure. you need to do this, this and this before this date. Give yourself a BREAK! There is aiming high and working for your goals, but also pushing your body to a limit which it cannot handle. Find that threshold and work within it, don't consistently push your mental strength, it will only suffer in the long run. Check in on yourself, really ask yourself how you are doing. Stop putting off that problem at the back of your thoughts and truly make sure you are OK.

To summarise, aiming high is great, for the period of time that you can withstand the workload. Give yourself a break every now and then. Besides, if you worked hard for weeks, you probably deserve it.


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