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Find Your Creative Side

Many people think that being creative is something that only a few are blessed with. I am here to tell you they are wrong, and that anyone can be creative, you just need to find the correct outlet for it, in order for you to actually see your creativity shine through. Art has always been stereotyped as drawings, paintings, sculptures. The kind of thing you would typically find in a gallery. I think that this is correct to a certain degree. This stereotype over what 'art' can be defined as has caused many potential creatives to shy away from it. You may be asking, so how can I present my creative self without picking up a pencil and sketching the nearest object? Well have you ever considered presenting art through your hobbies? Or through the clothing you wear every day, or through your social media, or even through your school notes? Creativity could simply be the selection of coloured pens you choose to write with when writing up school notes. It may not feel ver