Film Disposables #1

Disposable cameras have quickly become one of my favourite ways to document memories and everyday events. There is something really special about how you cannot see what you are taking and it is your future self that receives the result. It takes away the moment of going back to look at the photo as you would on a phone, getting the right angles or making sure everyone looks good. With disposable cameras and film, that entire 10 mins of taking photos are taken away from your moment, replaced with time actually having fun, rather than trying to convince everyone on social media just that. What I love about this spontaneous contraption is that you spend less time documenting the moment and more time enjoying the moment. Yes, 9 times out of 10 you don't look good in the photo, but 9 times out of 10 you don't look that good in real life. Having the 1 shot being the only photograph captures a more candid and natural image of whatever you are doing. This is my 4th disposable camera film roll, a camera which I told myself to take more pictures of my friends on rather than the trees (I do like that, but people are much more interesting to photograph on film in my opinion.) I've selected a few to put on this blog, I even made an Instagram dedicated to my disposable camera photos - you can see that here. I've always used Fujifilm QuickSnap Disposable Cameras, as I find that the quality of film image is reliably great.
For now, have a scroll through these photos of mine, I love every single one of them.
Anna on the rooftop of our apartment in Mallorca

Katie after our English Literature mock

Joe, Finn and I questionably 'revising' in the park

Me-  longboarding the proper way

Joe falling off his longboard because he's not as great as he claims to be

Anna and I on the very windy coastline in Mallorca

Anna and I on the rooftop of our apartment in Mallorca, just watched the sunset

Anna on the beach at Port de Soller, Mallorca
Anna (again) sat at the beach-side restaurant in Palma

more Anna in Mallorca

Rebecca, Chloe, Shraya, Jess, Hope, Anna and I at Rebecca's house

Anna (again??) in front of the Starbucks logo in town

Beth and I ice skating

Chloe and I

Hope in the snow one morning

a semi-failed group photo at Chloe's party

Sam watching the sunset

Double rainbow in town

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