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How To Find Good Clothes In Charity Shops

It's been a while since I've written a blog post, so hello again! I've been doing a lot of charity shopping recently, I've always done it here and there to find things for myself but now it has almost become a hobby of mine! Whilst in America, I went to dozens of thrift shops, picked up a few gems there (including some I.AM.GIA trousers for $6 - which I quite happily sold on  my Depop for £50!) Whenever I tell people that I found an item of clothing in a charity shop, the usual responses are: "I look and never find anything." "How do you manage to find such good stuff?" "I would never think to look in a charity shop, isn't it just grandma's clothing?"  So for all of you clueless shoppers, I'm gonna give you my deepest, darkest charity shopping tips all compressed into one blog post, and maybe you can find some gems too!! 1) Visit charity shops more often to increase your chances. A lot of successful charity sh