How To Organise and Achieve Your Goals

As people, it is important for us to keep ourselves on track, especially if we have high aspirations for the future. I feel that I'm a very ambitious person, alongside being very organised about my ambitions. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share how I set and achieve my goals, how I organise and keep on top of my goals, and just everything in relation to achieving what you want (and making sure you actually do it!) 

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Write down your ultimate life goals.
Before you even consider planning, you need to have an idea of what the bigger picture is for your future. What is your ideal lifestyle? Your dream job? Your dream grades? Make sure you are aware of what you want. Being aware of what you want is the first step to achieving your goals. You cannot be simply going about your life, ticking off tasks with no final destination, or even milestones on the way there. This might be something such as having £1000 saved up, or working your way up in your job, or getting onto the university course you love!

Break down your plan into time-frames.
By creating a time-frame for your tasks, it will almost create a small amount of pressure to push you to get what you want! Split your goal into sections:

Daily To-do'sWeekly To-do's ➝ Monthly GoalsSeasonal GoalsYearly Goals

The idea of breaking the main goal up into sections is to ensure you are doing something everyday or every week that contributed to your final destination. Here is an example of what I will be doing to help me achieve a better grade in my Sociology A-Level (split into the sections.)

Write out lesson notes on the day Organise weekly notes into folder Make mind-maps and revise for end of unit testsAchieve a higher grade in Sociology Get an A in Sociology

Personally, I find it much easier to write my goals out as to-do's for my smaller time frame goals. This way it feels a little more like it is just a part of my daily tasks and routine. Incorporate your goals into your daily routine, so that you are contributing towards it every day. Your daily to-do's should be a small step towards the bigger yearly goals.

Keep a reminder of your monthly goals at your work space.
I make around 6-10 small monthly goals to try and achieve over the month. Some of these goals may be smaller scale, others on a larger scale. I write them out on a small flashcard and stick them to the shelving on my desk so that whenever I sit at my desk, I am forced to read them. It is all well and good telling yourself what your goals are, but if you are not reminded of them consistently then you are bound to forget. I have learnt from watching lots of manifestation videos that if you tell yourself that something will happen, you will make decisions based around those goals.

My current month goals for September as an example are:
☆ Pass my driving theory and book my practical test
☆ Finish reading 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale for English
☆ Put £200 into my savings account
☆ Reach 2000 views on my blog
☆ Keep up with my lesson notes
☆ Sell 5 items on Depop
☆ Start going to sleep before 11pm

Quantify your goals.
For me, these goals are semi-achievable - which means that they are achievable, but I have to put in some efforts to achieve those goals. I also make sure they have numbers attached to them if possible, so that I can prove  that I have achieved that goal. For example, my savings account goal could be written as 'Put more money into my savings account' but I cannot define what 'more' is so I may end up putting in not as much as I first anticipated. This goal would also be split into putting £50 into my savings every week. This way it is also a to-do list task that I can check off, but I also cannot justify myself for hitting the goal if I only put £100 into my savings.

Keep track of your goal progress.
Make sure you have a record of your goals for each month, have a review session at the end of each month and evaluate what you could have done better. After setting your first round of goals you can see whether you were realistic or not for the time you set yourself. Something that makes organising my goals much more enjoyable for me is having cute notebooks to write them in (as shown in my lil pic at the top.) Keep track of your goals in one notebook to ensure you know exactly where they are written - and be proud  when you actually achieve what you wanted.

Convince yourself that you are capable of achieving what you want.
You cannot achieve something if you convince yourself that you cannot do it. Yes it can be hard to sometimes believe we can do what we want, you may have a few bad days and lose motivation. If your goals aren't inspiring you, they aren't what you desperately desire. If you have always wanted to do something, but never started, start now. Why waste your time thinking about what you want when you can just DO what you want?

If you are interested in using a bullet journal to keep your goals in, check out my recent post showing how I use my bullet journal to organise my life!

How do you organise your goals? And what are your current goals for the time-being?


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