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#GIRLBOSS Book Review

It seems that I am a bit late onto this bandwagon, but since I spotted #GIRLBOSS in a thrift store in New York for $6 I had to give it a try. I can safely say I finished reading the book before I got home from my travels, it was definitely a page-turner. However, it wasn't exactly what I expected after hearing the hype that surrounded it a few years ago. What initially lead me to buy this book was the idea of it that I had formulated in my head. I thought it would be a book that just gave our motivational advice for 200 pages, but it was much more than that, it enlightened me to realising that success isn't just about the work you do, but it's also about the person you become and how you improve yourself through improving your projects/business. The best way to define this book into a category is: autobiography combined with business/entrepreneur/personal advice. As a Depop seller myself, I found this book particularly useful for my selling and making my Depop mini-bu

Why & How I've Stopped Buying Clothes

Recently I've been hooked onto the fast-fashion issue again, after watching Stacey Dooley's documentary 'Fashion's Dirty Secrets' (which I would 100% recommend to you!) Documentaries like that push me into the mindset of being more aware of my personal impact on the planet. For me, the one thing I believe I could do to prevent my impact on the fashion industry (arguably the 2nd most polluting on the planet to oil/coal) is to stop buying clothes. The clothing industry has gotten tough to avoid, with consistent 'sale' signs and cheap prices shown on social media. Instagram models also contribute to this marketing, by promoting the brands, simply by tagging where they bought their clothes from. Can we avoid the messages sent to make us want and not need?  It initially seems difficult to cut out spending on clothing, as a teenage girl it seems to be all I ever spend my money on (not forgetting concert tickets) but my motivation to reduce my impact on the

Why I Still Use CDs & My Fave Albums

CDs have kind of become my thing. I've owned them since I turned 5 and received my first ever CD 'Pop Jr', which I still remember listening to on a regular basis (and watching the music video DVD on repeat!) Following that prime-time of my life, CD's have just been a part of my growing up. They provided music to me when I couldn't simply search for it online, or stream through Spotify (there were days before Spotify and I'm convinced it was better before it existed!) But despite my pure love for music in CD form, people still question why I use them. Why don't I keep up with the times? Why do I spend so much money on music? Let me explain...