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I Stopped Buying Clothes - An Update

Two months ago I challenged myself to put a halt to my shopping habits and not buy clothes for as long as possible. It has been an interesting experience so far; I have learned a lot about self control. Many of you may say that this challenge isn't really a challenge at all - surely you just don't buy things . However, this statement is much harder to obey when we are surrounded by shops and brands constantly pushing for us to consume and buy the latest products, keeping up with the Jones's ( ironically)   or simply maintaining a trendy wardrobe. Collage made by Ella Jones - Images from Pinterest Whenever I have talked about my challenge to others, one of the first things they say is: "but you have so many clothes that you don't even need to buy anymore." Which to an extent is extremely true, therefore this challenge hasn't been a struggle. I technically have enough clothes to survive - we all do - but it is whether I could control my desire for