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Film Disposables #2

This disposable camera post is long overdue, but I still feel like posting it. There is something very special to me about film photography - it feels more nostalgic and representative of the memory in my head. One picture to capture one moment, rather than 30 of the same thing. Using a disposable camera creates a realistic version of a memory, rather than an overly posed or fine tuned version. In this way, they represent reality. They aren't really in order to be honest, but that doesn't matter as they are all individual snippets of moments. Although these photos may have no personal significance to you, I hope you enjoy looking through them. If you are featured in these photos, I love U xx Joe after a walk to the woods Jorja Smith gig at Rock City Joe and I at my 18th Birthday meal Joe and I swimming in the Isle of Wight sea in October (crazy people) Katie, Anna, Josie and I at a Mahalia gig James's Birthday Anna in Leicest