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4 Easy Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

Trying to reduce the amount of waste plastic that enters our lives can be very overwhelming. Especially if you haven't made any changes at all yet. An element of the zero waste movement that I think sometimes gets overlooked is that we should use what we already own before buying alternatives.  This means use up your shampoo, your toothpaste, use your razors until they cannot be used, use up your makeup products - before going out to buy low-waste or plastic free alternatives. I feel like this statement goes with buying any kind of new products, be sure to use what you have before buying new. For some reason I have collected multiple tubs of body moisturiser and body butter, so before I start looking for alternative options, I plan to use every last drop of them. I suggest you do the same. Look in your drawers, you may be surprised how many lip balms or moisturisers or spare toothbrushes you have accumulated and that should be used by you! If you have used all your products,

How I'm Using a Bullet Journal for 2020

I started bullet journalling around 2 years ago, inspired by the aesthetically pleasing layouts and creative freedom it provided when compared to conventional planners. I bought this Muji notebook (I found an alternative here if you can't get to a Muji shops) and never turned back. For me, I love the flexibility that bullet journals and creating your own planner layout provides - if I have a month where I won't be completeing assignments or have a crazy to-do list, I can make the layout to suit it. Not only is this less stressful (we all have that moment where we stop using a planner for a while and suddenly you have 30 blank calendar pages), but it probably saves paper, as you only use what you need. Bullet journalling has become a creative outlet and a organisation haven for me, making life just... simpler!    At the start of my journal, I create a spread which I like to describe as a 'goals tracker'. It is a combination of

Zero Waste Shaving - Why Safety Razors Aren't That Scary

Zero waste personal care has been the top of my consumer priorities recently. I've become aware of the amount of plastic in my daily hygiene routine and it concerned me so much that I have decided to make changes. As a student, I've been shamelessly using an old blunt razor to shave this past term (simply because I don't want to buy a new pack of plastic razors, when I could be spending that money on food.) Also, I'd been informed of plastic razors difficulty in being recycled, so I didn't want to buy them knowing they will just be sent to landfill. After doing some research into zero waste shaving options, I ordered a safety razor online for only £15 and began my new chapter in plastic-free shaving (you can also buy them in local zero waste shops). A while ago I watched a video by one of my favourite low-impact lifestyle YouTubers Sedona Christina about using a safety razor everywhere and I was inspired to make the switch myself. I guess some m