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3 Tips to Effortlessly Declutter Your Closet

Considering that the majority of us are stuck inside right now, home-tasks such as decluttering and cleaning are suddenly seeking more invigorating than scrolling through Instagram all day. I just moved back home from university for Easter (and potentially for Summer), which involved loading my car with everything I had in my university accommodation, driving down the motorway for an hour and then unloading that stuff into my room. Anyone who has moved their stuff anywhere, will realise that when you collect your belongings into one pile, it makes you look like a hoarder. Sometimes it feels like I've been decluttering forever, I purge my wardrobe almost every year and its only until recently that it feels 'complete' in terms of how versatile my pieces are. Although I still own a crazy amount of different coloured denim jackets, it is starting to feel like making outfits is easier. Over the years I have narrowed down my wardrobe into a loose colour scheme, meaning t