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6 Ways To Declutter Your Clothes Without Harming The Environment

Decluttering your clothing can feel really satisfying and cleansing in your wardrobe, but have you ever considered the environmental impact you might have by getting rid of your clothes? It can feel easy to just throw your old things away in the rubbish, but that isn't the most environmentally responsible way to remove unwanted clothing from your home. I know that the world of recycling and waste can be quite intimidating, which is why I partially understand that some people just throw things in the bin. So to make your decision easier, I have come up with 6 ways to get rid of your clothing, other than just throwing them in the bin! The 'easy' option is to donate them to a charity shop , but that isn't completely environmentally friendly. Yes, there is a good chance that your clothes will be sold on and worn by someone else. though there is also a chance that your clothes will be discarded-of by the charity to landfill. If your clothing is of good

Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup

I can't remember the last time I wore a full face of makeup. My best guess would be my year 13 prom, which was nearly a year ago now. I was never really someone to 'glam up' everyday, and I haven't worn foundation ever! The most makeup I would wear at once would be: concealer, powder, highlight, blush, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyebrows and maybe liquid eyeliner if I was feeling up to it. And that would be a special occasion. If we throw it back to 13 year old Ella, who wore black winged eyeliner every day to school. I used to love it, it was my art, my known skill and something that I enjoyed doing in the mornings. So I understand why makeup is so loved by everyone! I won't deny that the feeling of getting ready and being able to approach the day with confidence was fulfilling. But it sometimes felt like I needed it for confidence in my apperance, an external support of my confidence that I was relying on. Filling in my eyebrows was always the biggest co

5 Most Worn Wardrobe Staples - Basic Tops

This is the first post in a new series on my blog, called Most Worn Wardrobe Staples. Where I quite literally show you, the most worn staple pieces in my wardrobe for that clothing section. Once I've done all of them, I'm hoping I will be able to put together some kind of capsule wardrobe. But until then, I'm going to find out what I love and wear the most! Recently I've posed the idea of having an all-year wardrobe. You see people switching in and out of seasonal wardrobes, but I almost feel like clothes should be cross-seasonal, not restricted to one season. So for that reason, I have included winter and summer tops in this collection. I could have included the many (black) tops I have, but the reality is that I wear these 5 the most . If you are looking to try something similar, ask yourself, 'If this top was taken out of my wardrobe would I miss it?' That should help you out! Whilst trying to create a wardrobe I love, I've also been taking into

Minimalism for Beginners & FREE 14 Day Challenge PDF

Minimalism is something I discovered after watching this documentary (available on Netflix) on the topic. I was immediately hooked. This alternate way of living completely flipped the ideas pushed onto us by advertising and social media, and created a lifestyle out of it. As a Christian, I can reference many things in the bible which talk about living in this alternate manner, and not relying on the things in our world - 1 John 2:15 "Do not love the world, or the things in the world." While this verse is addressing societal desires/morals and the world separated from spirituality, I also view this verse in the way of material possessions. We should love the relationships we form with others, our experiences and ability to give love and kindness to others - we shouldn't base our happiness on material items: clothes, stationery, phones, shoes and everything you can see around you right now. By placing our value on the items around us, when we are removed of those