5 Most Worn Wardrobe Staples - Basic Tops

This is the first post in a new series on my blog, called Most Worn Wardrobe Staples. Where I quite literally show you, the most worn staple pieces in my wardrobe for that clothing section. Once I've done all of them, I'm hoping I will be able to put together some kind of capsule wardrobe. But until then, I'm going to find out what I love and wear the most!

Recently I've posed the idea of having an all-year wardrobe. You see people switching in and out of seasonal wardrobes, but I almost feel like clothes should be cross-seasonal, not restricted to one season. So for that reason, I have included winter and summer tops in this collection. I could have included the many (black) tops I have, but the reality is that I wear these 5 the most. If you are looking to try something similar, ask yourself, 'If this top was taken out of my wardrobe would I miss it?' That should help you out!

Whilst trying to create a wardrobe I love, I've also been taking into consideration where I buy clothing from. Buying second hand where possible: in charity shops, thrifting on Depop, car-boot sales, vintage stores - in order to reduce my environmental impact through my clothing. 

Although I think sustainable clothing brands are great, but I'm a firm believer that second hand fashion is better than ANY kind of first hand purchases (sustainable or fast fashion). There are plenty of clothes in the world, so why do we need to keep producing more, however environmentally aware we choose to make it. On top of that, sustainable clothing is much more expensive than buying second hand ever will be!

Using what we have, rather than consistently seeking out more - will always be more environmentally friendly than continuing to buy new clothes.

Black Cotton Wrap Top - Depop £10
This top is so great for all occasions and seasons. Perfect for nights out in the Winter, or cool Summer evenings. Of course, it is black so it automatically matches with everything. I had looked on Depop for this top at a cheap price for months before I found this one for £10! Lots of price negotiation was done, but it was completely worth the effort. I love how versatile this piece is, and it also makes any outfit look more put together than just throwing any old top on. The open V neck also means that I can layer lots of necklaces or wear 1 statement piece to jazz up the look! Also it is completely adjustable, because of the tie wrap around feature.

Black Cotton Butterfly Hem Crop Top - Topshop (old)
I bought this top a while ago, its perfect to match with any of my summer outfits. I've also found it's great for layering underneath strappy dresses. I love the butterfly hem on the sleeves, just makes the top have a bit of interest, more than just a simple black crop top. I usually wear it with one of my patterned trousers, so that the trousers can be the central focus!

Black Long Sleeve Top - Charity shop £3
This Winter I realised I needed more long sleeve layers (on top of being a student and not doing a washing load regularly.) I'd been hunting for a good non-turtleneck long sleeve for ages, one that is preferably tighter fitting and is long enough on the sleeves (I have long arms!) Luckily I found this one for £3 in a charity shop in Leeds, the higher neckline is perfect and it fits like a dream, also I love the ribbed slinky material.

Navy Blue Cage The Elephant T-Shirt - merch
When I go to concerts, I don't normally buy the merchandise. Usually because the t-shirts have novelty value, but no value in fitting into my wardrobe! However, when I saw this at the Cage The Elephant concert back in 2016 - I knew I would actually wear it, and I have! The navy blue matches with all my denim and is perfect for wearing underneath my jumpers in the winter. I also love wearing a striped long sleeve layered underneath for a bit of extra warmth and to spice up the look.

Black Turtleneck Long Sleeve - over 6 years old !
Admittedly I've completely out-worn this top, I've had to fix holes in it about 5 times now (there is now one I need to fix!) But fixing it is completely worth it. If you know me, I think a black turtleneck is essentially part of my personality now. The material on this one is perfect, not too thick or too thin. This makes it great for layering under jumpers, t-shirts and dresses, as well as good for tucking into things (don't you just hate when a top is difficult to tuck in!)

Partly why I'm focusing on my most worn clothes, rather than sharing the 'newest' clothes I have bought, is because I'm trying to shift fashion into being creative with what you already own, rather than having this constant desire for more. Several places have influenced this thought stream of mine, one being sustainable fashion. I've long been very interested in the environmental impact of fashion and how as an individual I can change my consumption and habits to be better for our planet. Cutting out fast fashion was part of that for me. Now I only buy clothes in charity shops, on Depop or in vintage stores - in attempt to cut my fashion footprint and encourage others to shift their buying to the second hand market too!

Another place of influence for me is minimalism and learning to live with less. As a lover of fashion it can be hard to cut down my wardrobe into only the essentials, but I am using the framework of minimalism to encourage more mindful purchases and less impulse, trend buying. Wearing what is in your wardrobe already, making the most out of the items I own. I encourage you to consider doing the same.

What are your most worn tops in your wardrobe? Do you have any that you would consider a wardrobe staple?


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