Home Workouts I'm Doing to Stay Active During Isolation

Since the gyms closed, the place I once relied on to motivate me to workout was cut off. Suddenly my workout routine has to change FAST or I would fall back into my lazy slump of not doing anything at all. I've worked out at home before, just not as the entirety of my weekly routine. I will admit, sitting around all day can really kill my desire to workout or do any exercise, but I'm trying to keep on top of it! And here is how...

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Running Outside
I had started running again whilst at uni, mostly on a treadmill to begin with, then I finally worked myself up to running a 5k Parkrun! All was well and good until I realised my trainers were too old and I'd injured my knee (iliotibial band to be more specific). So for the few weeks following my 5k, I really had to slow down my workouts to be careful of not injuring myself further, as well as buying some new trainers that have more support. If your trainers are worn at the soles, do buy new trainers before you start running, you'll thank me later for not having extra injuries.

On my last week of uni I downloaded an app called Strava. It's essentially a social media for running and cycling, where you can record your run/cycle and then share it with your followers. For some reason having this app motivated me to get back out running, so I jogged for 20 mins to get my knee back into it. Since then I managed to run 4.31 miles in one session last week! Considering that we are allowed to go outside for daily exercise, I thought instead of just walking, running is more intense and better for maintaining my fitness!

Bike Rides Outside
For the days when I'm not feeling like running, or I want to see more of my area (running only gets you so far), I go on a bike ride. Again, I'm able to track them on Strava, my last ride I went 10.68 miles! This is also good for my knee, means I'm able to rest it a little bit inbetween running sessions, whilst maintaining my leg workout and cardio of course.

YouTube Workouts
Last week I did this 20 minute abs/core workout by MadFit. Which was actually a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I just set up my yoga mat in my bedroom and followed along to the video. This is probably the easiest option for working out at home, especially if the area around you isn't suitable for running or you don't have a bike for cycling. There's a wide variety of fitness channels on YouTube here's a list of some of my favourites:
That's just to name a few, you can literally type in 'At home workout' on YouTube and find hundreds of videos, you won't run out (and therefore won't get bored of them!!)

Resistance band exercises
Instead of weights, you can use resistance bands to make exercises harder. I've had these Mini Resistance Bands for a while now and they work great for nearly all types of movement. Also I recently bought a B_ND thicker resistance band on Depop (honestly Depop has more than just clothes, have a search!) for a cheaper price. I got the X-heavy one for it to act as my super 'heavy' weight when I need a push during exercises. Again, you can find exercises to use resistance bands with on YouTube or even Instagram, where there has been a rise of fitness videos being posted.

Garden workout - trampoline and skipping rope
This one is very specific, but I've got a trampoline in my garden, that I've been using alongside a skipping rope to get in a quick cardio workout! It's a lot more fun than anything else as it doesn't quite feel like a workout, so I've been aiming to this on days where I don't want to do any other workout. Also, I can convieniently do this workout in my back garden. Keeps me moving, considering we are sat inside a lot of the day!

To keep myself accountable for staying active and working out, I've made it a goal of mine to workout at least 3x a week or 4x a week if possible. By setting a goal to achieve, it can help motiavte you to keep going! (For help on how to set and achieve your goals, read this.) Schedule workouts into your day to make sure you are doing them, check them off your to-do list as you would with any other task.

What home workouts have you been doing during isolation?

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