What I've Been Decluttering and Organising in Isolation

All this spare time I've had in isolation, has led to my nature of organising and decluttering being the forefront of my priorities. Spending more time surrounded by my stuff has made me realise how much I really have, but also what I have haphazardly shoved in a corner or in a drawer to deal with later. In addition to this, moving out to university halls in September meant only taking half my belongings - so I ended up living in this temporary space of a minimalists dream. Only this gave me a big shock when I moved back home for this social isolation and I remembered how much random junk I have in my room. Thus, a big organising and decluttering session begins.

During my time at uni, I already did a BIG wardrobe declutter (my advice on clothing decluttering can be read about in my last blogpost) so that area of my life has reached a point of calm. Yes, I could get rid of more clothes, but until the Summer has passed I won't know if I love wearing all my Summer pieces just yet. Alongside the fact that I have a big bag of clothes waiting to be sold for Depop, so I don't really have the extra storage space right now. So, my deeper closet declutter has been put on hold for a few months.

colourful book shelf and clothing rail

You are probably looking at these pictures of my shelves and thinking "if she is a minimalist why does she have so many books?" Well, since rearranging my shelf I've discovered that I have enough books for that library-esque interior design look, as well as my books just generally providing me a lot of happiness. You can't become a minimalist overnight!

before and after picture of decluttered shelf with more and less clutter

These ominous black opaque boxes may seem minimal and organised, you have been fooled! They are the ultimate clutter hiders and out-of-sight-out-of-mind criminals. I found all kinds of junk in these boxes (and the clutter that accumulated on top of them.)

items I found in my junk boxesinside my paper storage boxboard game storage solution plastic folder

One of these boxes I have dedicated to the ridiculous amount of notebooks, sticky notes and plain paper that I own. Although I am on board with getting rid of things, I can get stuck around the "what if I will need it" and stationery bits and bobs are part of that for me. Why would I chuck out a load of paper that can easily be used? In response to finding this stash of stationery, I've promised myself to NOT buy paper-based stationery until I've used up every single piece. I don't need to buy new notebooks as I have enough already.

Another box contained the most miscellaenous items, like this Logo game. For some reason the game was being stored in a bulky cardboard box, so I swiftly used one of my many plastic folders I found and recycled the box - an immediate space saver.

For my photo albums, they are a work in progress and I have no intention to get rid of them. I found some photo prints I'd been meaning to stick into my albums and completed that task the next day. Some of the books I found I added to my bookshelf and some (why did I have 3 French dictionaries?) I put on my pile to declutter.  
 before and after organising under my bed storage solution

The next hidden space I organised and decluttered was under my bed. Now I have one of those lift up bed frames that make accessing the storage beneath it a lot easier. This is great, until I decide to use that space to quickly throw anything I want out of sight. Hence the before picture shown above. 

I cleared out the whole space and sorted it all. I used some of those transparent zip up bags to store my scrap fabric and art canvases. Whilst I was sorting, I took out my Summer clothes from the suitcase and put those in my wardrobe (where I now have the space for all seasons!) Then I divided the space into sections: camping stuff, art supplies, suitcase, spare sheets/blankets and somewhere to put my empty bags I use to move my things to uni. Then I put the boxes and items I will reach for the most at the outside edge, so that I can easily grab them if needed - putting the spare sheets and camping stuff at the back.

Although it doesn't look much more organised, I added a couple more items to my declutter pile and now have ACCESS to the things I use more often. Especially in this time of home-isolation and boredom, my arts supplies and material scraps may come in handy!

I thought I'd specifically write about these 2 areas of my room, because they aren't the visual clutter. Though, making space for more items to be put out of sight, means I can bring the cluttered spaces around my room and store things out of the way. I'm in my slow-but-progressive stage of learning about minimalism and living with less stuff.

Also, you may be asking "where are you putting the stuff you are decluttering if you are in isolation?" I've created a box in my room for things I'm getting rid of, and as soon as I'm able to donate those items - I will be doing so. When decluttering you should be responsible with the stuff you now consider waste. Use up products and recycle where you can. You should be looking after your environment, but also THE environment in general.

Have you considered organising and decluttering while in isolation?

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