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Zero Waste Periods: My First Experience Using a Mooncup

The shift to a low waste period was always going to be the hardest step for me. Menstruating is annoying anyway, so for me to change my tried and tested stress free routine of using pads, it was going to require a lot of motivation to shift to using a menstrual cup ! I've never really enjoyed using tampons, so the idea of something being inside me all day, as opposed to just a pad wasn't very comforting. But I was chatting to a few friends who use a Mooncup , and I thought I'd give it a try - with the aim of reducing my waste. As someone who doesn't use makeup wipes or create much bathroom waste ( I wrote a post about the swaps I made ), my period and disposable plastic pads seemed to be the only waste I created. So eliminating my period waste would be a huge achievement in my zero waste journey! This post contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you buy through my link!  Before I start talking about the benefits of switching to a plastic fre

How I Sold Over 200 Items on Depop

Selling on Depop can seem time-consuming and difficult, but I think with some practice and the right approach, anyone can be successful on the app! Yes, there are more users on Depop than when I first started out, but instead of looking at it as 'more competition' you should look at is as 'more potential customers'! Learning how to sell on Depop is a process. I started selling on Depop in 2016 and haven't stopped since, and here is how I sold over 200+ items since then. What is Depop? Depop is an app where you can primarily sell and buy second hand clothes - though it is also used to sell/buy other items such as books/cds/home-decor. There are approximately 13 million users on the app, with a generally younger age demograhic than eBay or Vinted ( other places you can buy second hand clothes .) The format is very similar to Instagram where you have a 'grid' profile with 3x3 squares and a 'feed' showing the recently posted items of people you

8 Places to Buy Second Hand Clothes Online

Not all of us are blessed with local treasure-filled charity shops or thrift stores, and I realise that this can put a lot of people off when it comes to buying second hand clothing. They walk into a local charity shop, which is unfortunately full of clothes they don't like, and then they give up completely on buying second hand. First of all, 1 trip to a charity shop should NOT determine your liking for second hand shopping. I gave some key advice on How To Find Good Clothes in Charity Shops a while ago, if you have plenty in your local area but just haven't been successful. However, I understand that the stock of a charity shop depends on the donations, so you may not get what you are looking for if there aren't many people in your area with your style! This is where online second hand shopping becomes your new best friend! It's understandable that not everyone enjoys rummaging through edless rails of old clothes in attempt to find a gem. I know for me that the &#