8 Places to Buy Second Hand Clothes Online

Not all of us are blessed with local treasure-filled charity shops or thrift stores, and I realise that this can put a lot of people off when it comes to buying second hand clothing. They walk into a local charity shop, which is unfortunately full of clothes they don't like, and then they give up completely on buying second hand. First of all, 1 trip to a charity shop should NOT determine your liking for second hand shopping. I gave some key advice on How To Find Good Clothes in Charity Shops a while ago, if you have plenty in your local area but just haven't been successful. However, I understand that the stock of a charity shop depends on the donations, so you may not get what you are looking for if there aren't many people in your area with your style!

This is where online second hand shopping becomes your new best friend! It's understandable that not everyone enjoys rummaging through edless rails of old clothes in attempt to find a gem. I know for me that the 'scavenger hunt' element of charity shops is why I enjoy it so much, but it's not for everyone!

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Buying second hand clothes online is quite the breeze these days. Endless websites and search filters mean you can really find what you are looking for straight away! In my opinion, we have no excuses for buying new anymore. The classic 'I can never find what I'm looking for' in charity shops, can't be used, as a quick search online will lead you to exactly what you want, second hand, and cheaper than new! I thought I'd make a 'directory' of places you can go to find great second hand clothes online, so let's begin:

rewearwolves logo
Rewearwolves (sponsored post)
Rewearwolves is a new small business, with the main value in promoting the slow fashion movement. Their clothes are organise by size not gender, making it more inclusive than other clothes reselling sites! They also have a 'Fundraiser of the Month', where they contribute 10% of each sale to charity, so for May they are donating to the Penny Jones Animal Hospice. Most of their items are under £10 so great for finding a bargain (like charity shopping!) They promote that "the clothing may be repaired, reworked, restyled, recycled, but most importantly, reworn," which I think is so important!

I've spoken about Depop so much on my Instagram and I feel like it's a pretty well known place to buy second hand clothes. If you have never used it before, I wrote a post recently about how to find exactly what you want on Depop. Personally, Depop is my favourite place to buy second hand, mostly because there are so many people using it. The more people that are selling on an app, the more chances there are of finding a bargain! Depop is also great if you are looking for inspiration, as many sellers beautifully style each item. I'm planning on writing a post about how to sell on Depop, as I've sold over 200 items on it - stay tuned!
ebay logo
Most people have heard of Ebay by now, but maybe not for buying clothes! There are a few formats of selling on Ebay: auctions, buy it now or make an offer. Auctions can go either way when it comes to pricing, you could get lucky and snap up an item for under £5 or end up paying more - depending on how eager you are to buy. My best advice for using Ebay is to check it regularly for new listings, and keep up with your watchlist.
refashion logo
"Charity Shopping Reinvented" sums up exactly what Re-Fashion are all about! When you buy an item, you can choose which charity you want to donate to. Currently they have Make-a-Wish and Breast Cancer Care, but hope to expand to more charities in the future. Though it's a little bit on the pricier side, the website experience feels very similar to normal online shopping. They even have sections such as 'New with tags' and 'Everything £5' to make finding the brand new quality, or just straight up bargains a lot easier.
asos marketplace logo
ASOS Marketplace Vintage Boutiques
If vintage clothing is more your style, you should check out the ASOS marketplace! There are over 300 vintage boutiques on the marketplace, so you will never un out of retro treasures to feast your eyes on. Lots of vintage companies have started to rework and upcycle old vintage pieces into trendier styles, so make the most of that. Why would you ever turn down looking 'on trend' in the most sustainable way? The prices are more in line with that of a classic vintage shop on the high street, so a bit more than charity shopping. However, I think it's great to support businesses making the most of the vintage clothing we should SO love!
vinted logo
I only recently downloaded Vinted on my phone, to see what it was like in comparison to Depop. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see everything was SO much cheaper than on Depop. The style of clothes is probably a slightly older demographic than Depop, but regardless, I will still use it as an option if I'm on the hunt for an item in particular. I've not had any experience with selling on this app yet, but I will let you know how it goes when I do! I love that I can organise by size to ALL items on Vinted, as then it feels a bit like charity shopping, with so many random styles to choose from!
thrift plus logo
Thrift Plus
Similar to Re-Fashion, Thrift Plus is an online shopping style thrifting site. The website has 2 sections, High Street and Designer - so whatever kind of fashion quality you are looking for, you can find it here! These more established websites are better than Depop or Vinted for example, as you can return the items if they don't fit you! I know this is a common reason why people don't like to shop on Depop, and therefore just buy brand new. Having the option to return the item makes second hand shopping a lot less stressful!

facebook marketplace logo
Facebook Marketplace
This may not have even crossed your mind when you think about buying second hand clothes online! YES there is more than just used furniture and cars for sale on Facebook Marketplace! Though the selection isn't as extensive as some of the other websites I've mentioned, it may be worth having a look. The buying process on Facebook Marketplace is a lot less formal than other sites. You have to directly message the seller to organise payment and shipping, so it may not be best if you are just beginning to buy online! However, it's worth practicing and you have more chance to haggle on here too!

I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that that was a useful directory for buying second hand clothing online! I know that people who are new to being more sustainable with their fashion choices, can be intimidated by charity shops and thrifting. Shopping online makes the transition to buying second hand so much easier. If you are used to ordering clothes from fast fashion brands online, then the shift to buying second hand online instead will be easy peasy!

Have you ever bought second hand clothes online?


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