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Anti-consumerism VS Eco-Consumerism Thoughts

Since starting my journey towards simple, environmentally-conscious living, I've reached the conclusion that the difference between this and my previous lifestyle is my rate of material consumption. It has made me question whether purchases I have made in the past were impulsive or considered, and what potentially influenced me to buy so many things. Both marketing and capitalism push for mass-consumption in order to make profits, but was I just an unconscious cog in the system or was I really aware of what I was doing?    Why do we consume so much in the first place? Western consumers have more possessions than they need, yet they spend more time and effort buying new things ( Menzel and Mann 1994 ). The majority of us have everythign we could ever need to survive, yet we still continue to consume more and more. It seems like there is this culture-wide striving for a material goal that will never be achieved. In regards to clothing, consumers are driven by social pressures to wear