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Zero Waste Periods: The Essentials

Did you know, the average woman uses 11,000 menstrual disposable products in their lifetime? Think about if you multiplied that by all the women in our world! Period products are an essential part of being a woman, we will always have to consume them, which is why I think it is so important that we find ways for our periods to have the smallest environmental footprint possible! *This blog post includes affiliate links and sponsored content, but all opinions are my own* Since making the switch to a zero waste period, I've tried out a few different types of products to help me in reducing my plastic waste. I thought I'd make a blog post to summarise my experience with all of these products, and show you which are my 'essentials' when it comes to having a plastic-free period, without extra hassle! Period underwear One of these additional essentials for me is period underwear!  Modibodi have reached out to me to promote zero waste period products, to which I am very excited

Zero Waste Glasses Lens Cleaner - Frugal & Green Review

 I've worn glasses for over 10 years, so when I had the opportunity to try a zero waste glasses lens cleaner I was more than excited! Switching to sustainable and low waste products can be difficult if you have specific needs which need to be met, but the eco-version of the product doesn't exist. For me and my glasses wearing family, lens cleaner was one of those products. They always come in plastic spray bottles - in which the cap/spray nozzle system can be difficult to recycle once you have finished with it.  The Frugal & Green (AD) lens cleaner set comes with 2 glass bottles, one filled with the dissolvable cleaning tablets and the other an empty spray bottle to refill with the solution. As each refill of the lens cleaner is a combination of 1 tablet and some water - it means you aren't buying a new bottle of lens cleaner every time you run out - reducing the amount of plastic you are using. So how does it work? 1) Fill the spray bottle with water 2) Put one of the

I Completed a Daily Wardrobe Audit for a Year

Completing a wardrobe audit is something I have wanted to do for a while, but I was never sure how to go about it - without creating some hectic and confusing spreadsheet. That was until I discovered the app YourCloset, which made my outfit tracking process a LOT easier.  How did I successfully complete my wardrobe audit? All I had to do was take photos of each item of clothing, process them into the app and then I could mix and match my outfits forever! The layout of it reminds me of the previously wonderful Polyvore, where you could visually create outfits without putting them on. Of the 120 ish items of clothing I own, I've been able to make nearly 600 outfits (which is certainly more than I will ever wear in a year, but the minimalist side of my brain hasn't quite reached tackling the wardrobe in full potential yet.) So, using the calendar tracking feature of the app, I logged every outfit I wore for the entire of 2020. This means that the app can grab a load of statistics