Zero Waste Glasses Lens Cleaner - Frugal & Green Review

 I've worn glasses for over 10 years, so when I had the opportunity to try a zero waste glasses lens cleaner I was more than excited! Switching to sustainable and low waste products can be difficult if you have specific needs which need to be met, but the eco-version of the product doesn't exist. For me and my glasses wearing family, lens cleaner was one of those products. They always come in plastic spray bottles - in which the cap/spray nozzle system can be difficult to recycle once you have finished with it. 

The Frugal & Green (AD) lens cleaner set comes with 2 glass bottles, one filled with the dissolvable cleaning tablets and the other an empty spray bottle to refill with the solution. As each refill of the lens cleaner is a combination of 1 tablet and some water - it means you aren't buying a new bottle of lens cleaner every time you run out - reducing the amount of plastic you are using.

So how does it work?

1) Fill the spray bottle with water

2) Put one of the cleaning tablets into the water

3) Watch it dissolve and fizz away

4) Once the tablet has dissolved, spray onto your lens and wipe clean with a cloth 

You get 50 refill tablets so that means you are pretty much set for 5 years at least! As someone who definitely needs to clean my glasses lenses more often (I definitely wait until I'm literally staring through dust and smudges), I was really excited to try this product. 


  • Small compact bottle - easy to travel with or keep in your bag
  • Reduces the amount of plastic you consume
  • Large quantity of refills for your money - good value
  • Works really well at cleaning!
  • Can be used on camera lenses too - multifunctional


  • May only be useful for people who use glasses cleaning spray anyway - as a zero waste swap
  • Comes with a lot of tablets which you might not use (if you don't use cleaner regularly)

Frugal & Green is a startup business, which hopes to launch in February/March 2021, I'm really excited to have been asked to collaborate with them on this new product. You can sign up to their newsletter to be notified of the lens cleaner launch here.


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