Zero Waste Periods: The Essentials

Did you know, the average woman uses 11,000 menstrual disposable products in their lifetime? Think about if you multiplied that by all the women in our world! Period products are an essential part of being a woman, we will always have to consume them, which is why I think it is so important that we find ways for our periods to have the smallest environmental footprint possible!

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Since making the switch to a zero waste period, I've tried out a few different types of products to help me in reducing my plastic waste. I thought I'd make a blog post to summarise my experience with all of these products, and show you which are my 'essentials' when it comes to having a plastic-free period, without extra hassle!

Period underwear

One of these additional essentials for me is period underwear! Modibodi have reached out to me to promote zero waste period products, to which I am very excited about. I tried out their 'Classic Bikini' in heavy-overnight, which I use alongside my Mooncup as extra protection overnight (especially as I have quite a heavy flow, my first night can have a quite high risk of leaks). The Modibodi underwear is really comfortable and the material is nice and soft. I've not tried any of the lower absorption styles, but it would be interesting to try them one day (so I can wear them during the day too!) You simply wear them, then once you are done, you rinse them out with cold water (to prevent staining and leaking onto other clothes) and throw them in the wash with the rest of your clothes. SO easy!

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If you read this post from back in May, you'll know I started using a Mooncup for the first time last year. Having previously been a pad-only period product consumer, I really took a big step in learning how to use a Mooncup, which I can confirm has been a successful experience! I love that I no longer have to buy plastic pads every month, meaning I am always prepared for my period. Additionally, using a Mooncup has been cleaner, there is less mess as you just pour your period blood straight into the toilet - no messing around trying to clean up after myself every time I change my pad! It did take some getting used to in terms of inserting it correctly and ensuring it doesn't leak. But I feel that now after 8 months of learning, I am almost a 'pro' at using my Mooncup and actually, I prefer to use it now. However, with this learning curve comes alongside it some mistakes and leaks - so I have period underwear and washable pads, which I use alongside my Mooncup, just to provide myself with a sense of security all day!

Reusable pads

During lockdown, my Mum started sewing her own reusable pads (like this blue one in the photo), where she made some for me too. So I haven't tried any purpose-made manufactured washable pads. However, the homemade ones I use work amazingly. I use them in the same way I would use a plastic pad, but more as a backup for leaks from my Mooncup (while I still learn how to use it!) I also use them on their own for lighter flow days, more towards the end of my period - when I don't feel that I need my Mooncup, but I would still like something there to catch any leakage. I suppose you could also just use period underwear for this purpose, but for me, I like to be able to switch them out once they are dirty.

I've found some links to both reusable pads you can buy, and a DIY tutorial if you fancy sewing some yourself. Though I can't confirm how great the different brands are - if my Mum's homemade period pads work, I'm sure a purpose-made period pad will do an amazing job.

Have you made the switch to zero waste period products? What is holding you back?


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