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Hi! I'm Ella, I'm an 19 year old aspiring journalist and writer from the UK. Alongside blogging, I'm an active Depop seller (view my shop here). I created this website initially to make a place for my writing/music portfolio (which you can read here) but it has slowly transitioned into my little corner of the internet. 

A few years ago, I was an avid blogger under the username 'elzyella', which I still use for my Instagram profile today. Although the username stuck with me for my Instagram, I changed my blogging image to fit into my name, as that is the name I use when writing articles for online magazines and websites. It made sense to create my online presence under one name, to avoid confusion over what work is mine! Thus, www.ellacharlottejones.co.uk was created.

Continuing on my blogging journey, I (kind of) regularly post on the blog. It is something which I wish I could put more effort into but school is my priority at the moment (the blog is a place for productive procrastination, like now.) The discussion of vintage and second hand shopping is a topic I am passionate about - I have my opinions on the fast fashion industry, which I am not afraid to voice (although generally the more opinionated side to me is reserved for my web-articles.) This blog is also a place for me to record my travels, my thoughts and anything I wish to share - I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

My writing portfolio is something I am extremely proud of, it is consistently growing and my writing skills are improving by the day. I am a writer for PureNowhere magazine, which focuses on the music industry, but also some cultural aspects of our world. The interviews I have done with bands will usually be published on there, my favourite to date being the interview with Bad Sounds (an upcoming indie band.) It still excites me to hear their music being played in a shop and be able to say: "I have interviewed this band! I have spoken to them in real life!" It is this thrill and excitement that I get from writing and interviewing that has really motivated me to carry on further.

As of very recently, I have started my undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds to study Journalism (who would have guessed?!?) which is extremely exciting but also very scary. I'm writing this at the latter end of freshers week, and so far so good - I'm hoping to take part in the student radio alongside maybe the ice hockey team (trying new things ok?). I guess we will see how much I manage to do in my small space of time that is a university timetable.

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